There are tall, stubby, skinny, fat and small …its all about bikes.

The bike does not go out of style. Its use has expanded in such manner that in today’s world rare is the city that has not developed a bike road infrastructure.

Examples of cities “bike friendly” there are several: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bogota (Colombia), Portland (United States), Trondheim (Norway), Curitiba (Brazil) and, of course, Mexico.

But what factors motivate the bike to continue to increase as a means of effective and essential transportation? Mainly two things: the speed and ease it provides to move in large cities where traffic is hell, and respect for the environment.

As mentioned earlier, there are bikes of all sizes and colors: mountain, racing, folding, hybrid … a long list of several more paragraphs.
There are also those who adapt the bike to get your support, see the bicitaxistas and the sharpening-knives.

The pedal stroke is a whole universe!

So in La Colectiva we did not stay behind. We add our ‘bit’ with Retratos en bici a documentary series that airs every two weeks in Claro Sports, Claro TV chain.

Every Wednesday you will find stories of real people, people who you can find on the street as Emanuelle, the musician on wheels, Benja, the child who repairs pedals and brakes, or Maca, Venezuelan portraying their ruts.