Fundación Televisa toghether with UNICEF took on the challenge to educate the general public on the importance of first years education to create a positive impact in the life every human being.

La Colectiva worked hand by hand with FT on designing the first phase of this project where we sought to educate parents on the impact that education has on children from zero to 3 years.

We developed the concept and the brand “Empieza Temprano” the website and a first informative video to launch this campaign.

Any time, anyone with a baby in her hands, is able to stimulate and enhance their development to form a better individual.
Each day, every brief moment with your baby counts; but the strong embrace and constant talking to them of your every day is enough to make you feel loved.

Every word and every movement helps their development. Every kiss or hug counts as well, each song, every playtime counts, every moment counts.