A unique event that takes place each month in Mexico City, an encounter between different disciplines and gastronomy. COFRADIA 19 is a project that decided to offer unique experiences for food lovers. Given the importance that today has the experiential advertising, created this platform to which you can add brands that want to link with art and cuisine.

Each meeting mixes differet disciplines. This is what creates a multisensorial experience, stimulating every sense with aromas, music, art, literature and flavors. Each Cofradia is for 19 people.

The location of each event changes depending on the topic of the month. We have the collaboration of chef Francisco Ocaña, co-founder of Laboratorio Culinario Mexico and the artist Daniela Edburg as curator of all art exhibited in the Brotherhood. There is no
experience like inside or outside this platform in the city. An original project developed by La Colectiva.