Is a concept store born in San Miguel de Allende with the name of Cuna Quince, after years of succes, they decided to open its doors in Mexico City in the centric and turistic oriented Colonia Roma.

A unique attention to details is what defines the different boutiques that go from food, decor and design all inside a beautifull 1920’s house. Through strategies and action plan on social networks we have managed to grow the Roma Quince social media community and position this cool place as one of the most amazing and fresh places in the zone while propeling it as a site with the design proposals and innovative fashion. Among its shops are:

• Artell Fashion Fabrics

• Bindilou• Carlota & Emilia

• House Acanto

• Casa Cuesta

• The Porfirios


• Namuh

• Recreo San Miguel

• Trinitate